Why Should You Choose Testosterone Injections Over Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is a predominant hormone in men. While most men enjoy healthy levels of the hormone throughout their lifetimes, there are plenty of individuals who experience low levels at one point or another. There are various symptoms indicating you are suffering from low testosterone, including low libido, increased fatigue, depression and erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your levels, and you should benefits of testosterone injections over any pills.

Disadvantages of Pills

At first glance, it might appear as though oral medication would be the way to go. After all, it seems simple enough that your doctor could just give you a prescription, and you can take the pills as often as needed. However, many experts have suggested that this is not the best way to get more testosterone into your system. For starters, evidence suggests testosterone capsules can lead to liver damage. When you get an injection, the testosterone bypasses the liver altogether. It goes directly into your bloodstream, so it is a much more efficient method of getting the hormone to go throughout your body.testosterone injection vials with syringe

Advantages of Injections

A great reason to seek out testosterone injections is that they are administered by professionals. You visit the office, and you can be certain the hormone will be injected safely by someone who has done this plenty of times in the past. You will develop a schedule for how often you will go in, so you can be certain you are getting a safe treatment. Additionally, if your treatment plan needs to be altered for any reason, then that is accomplishable.

Daily testosterone injections

In addition to getting an easy method of testosterone replacement, you also get all the benefits associated with the procedure. Boosting levels of testosterone in a man is great for increasing sex drive, helping with weight loss and giving the individual more energy. Enhancing testosterone levels is also ideal for increasing a man’s confidence. Getting a diagnosis that you have low levels of the hormone can fill a person with anger or sadness. Knowing you are being proactive in your health and a treatment is underway is good enough in itself to make you feel better.

By injecting the hormone directly into your muscles, testosterone will slowly enter your bloodstream. You should start noticing the effects shortly after beginning treatment. If you have gotten a low hormone diagnosis from your doctor, you do not have to be fearful. Testosterone injections are a viable method of feeling better and improving your health.


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