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What Makes Us Elite

Comprehensive hormone replacement including body composition monitoring to achieve your individual goals. We follow your progress by analyzing and tracking body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. to track tangible results. We use the Valhalla Scientific Body Comp Scale.

All plans are completely individualized and dosages of medications carefully adjusted for patients to meet their specific goals.

NO weekly clinic visits required, all medication is taken at home.

Precise adjustment of dosages based on hormone levels and biochemical markers provided by blood analysis, to stay in the best shape of your life and achieve optimum health.

We stress the importance of nutrition in reaching the ultimate level of fitness, strength, and health and therefore provide personalized nutritional advice to our clients.

Exercise and fitness counseling.

Every single visit is with the doctor in Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro area. At many Hormone Replacement Centers you will NEVER see a doctor.

Direct access to the doctor via cell phone, text, e-mail.

What we do