What Makes Us ELITE

  • Comprehensive hormone replacement including body composition monitoring to achieve your individual goals. We follow your progress by analyzing and tracking body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. to track tangible results. We use the Valhalla Scientific Body Comp Scale.
  • All plans are completely individualized and dosages of medications carefully adjusted for patients to meet their specific goals.
  • NO weekly clinic visits required, all medication is taken at home.
  • Precise adjustment of dosages based on hormone levels and biochemical markers provided by blood analysis, to stay in the best shape of your life and achieve optimum health.
  • We stress the importance of nutrition in reaching the ultimate level of fitness, strength, and health and therefore provide personalized nutritional advice to our clients.
  • Exercise and fitness counseling.
  • Every single visit is with the doctor in Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro area. At many Hormone Replacement Centers you will NEVER see a doctor.
  • Direct access to the doctor via cell phone, text, e-mail.

What we do


Many men with big, dense muscles attract women, and that’s because lean physiques are super-sexy. But that doesn’t mean that they are easy to achieve. You may even wonder how the models on the cover of your favorite bodybuilding magazines can look so big and thick.

Sexual Enhancement Medications

Androgens are hormones that determine erectile dysfunction, however, recent studies reveal that testosterone erectile dysfunction (ED) also exists. Age-related dysfunction of essential sex hormones is common, but low-T can contribute to a loss of firm, strong erections.

WEIGHT LOSS Injections

Normal levels of testosterone are between 300 and 1,000 ng/dL, however, over the age of 40 men can have blood tests that show much lower levels than the norm. This may call for specialized therapies known as testosterone injections.

Bodybuilding Injections

Muscle mass isn’t always easy to achieve. In fact, many men have to work hard in the gym to achieve the thick, dense muscle mass that creates the strong physiques you see on the covers of bodybuilding magazines.

Increased Libido

Clogged arteries in older men are commonly associated with low or low-normal testosterone levels. This narrowing of the arteries is usually due to the buildup of plaque within the cardiovascular system.

Bone Density

One of the most notable functions of testosterone on the body is its ability to increase physical function via boosting bone turnover. Studies show that the use of 5 mg doses of testosterone replacement is known to increase calcium-regulating hormones, bone turnover markers, and physical strength and performance.

WELL BEING Injections

Nutrient Injections are commonly used to improve the overall well-being of both men and women.

Muscle Mass and Lean Muscle

Muscle size has also been shown to have a relationship with high testosterone levels. In the body, men show that the more they have, the larger their muscles grow. And regardless of the starting testosterone levels, results can be seen in younger men.

Transgender Testosterone Therapy

The transition for transgender men and women can be difficult. However, testosterone replacement therapy for transgender men can help to ease body changes that stand in the way of feeling whole.

Increased Confidence

Stronger, more dense muscle tissue is possible with the use of testosterone therapy. While there are many positive side effects of using testosterone therapy like lean, dense muscles there are other benefits too. The other important testosterone replacement therapy effect is on confidence.

Increased Energy

Today, most Americans live a fast-paced lifestyle that can include eating on-the-go, keeping up with children and maintaining a 40+ hour work week.