What IS GAC Injections and What Are the Benefits?

GAC injections are a popular tool in weight loss and not only are they very effective in weight loss and weight management but they have also grown in popularity as an athletic performance enhancing supplement.  GAC stands for glutamine, arginine and carnitine – a powerful cocktail of amino acids.  These amino acids naturally occur in the human body but supplements that give the body an additional amino acid boost can help support weight loss and fitness routines as well as boost sexual ability.

When it comes to fitness performance enhancement, GAC injections have been shown to increase stamina, increase energy levels, improve circulation, reduce tissue and joint inflammation, prevent muscle loss, increase growth hormone levels, converts stored fat into energy, and balances hormones. And, many athletes that use GAC injections to enhance their fitness performance report experiencing the ability to increase fitness intensity levels along with far better endurance.

When it comes to weight loss, GAC injections have been shown to help burn fat, boost metabolic rates, balance hormones, improve mood, improve stamina and more.  When you are exercising frequently for health or competitively your body takes a toll and recovery time can slow down your fitness progress due to soreness or exhaustion.  With the help of GAC, circulation and muscle repair is improved which helps the body recover more quickly and energy and stamina are increased so that you can push yourself harder in workouts.Fit muscled half naked man at work in an old factory

Patients that receive GAC injections encourage their body to naturally balance hormones, stimulate higher metabolic rates, and build new muscle tissue.  The GAC injection is  an intramuscular injection that is a fast and easy way to give your body the boost it needs without any downtime or recovery time.  While you could take oral amino acids, an injection is far better absorbed by the body than an oral supplement.

Does gac injections work ?

Because GAC improves athletic performance, the injection is best administered prior to a workout or competition.  Individuals that receive GAC injections are often recommended to receive injections once per week for maximum effectiveness and results.  Results from GAC intramuscular injections are maximized when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle including a well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

Many professional athletes and bodybuilders have turned to GAC to accompany and enhance their existing workout regime and maximize the results they see both in physical appearance and performance during competition.  If you are an athlete or avid fitness enthusiast that needs to boost their physical performance and experience improved results from workouts and competition, GAC injections may be the answer you are looking for.

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