What Happens to Your Testosterone Levels as You Age

We are all aging and many of us are looking for the fountain of youth.  While it has yet to be found there are ways to assist your body in aging and optimize your health.  Testosterone plays many important roles in the body.  It is present from birth and gradually increases with age, peaking around the age of 19 and then beginning to decrease around age 30.  Testosterone is a sex hormone that controls things like sex drive, sperm production, muscle mass, energy, and more.

The National Institutes of Health explains the important role of testosterone in men in further detail, “Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays important roles in the body. In men, it’s thought to regulate sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. A small amount of circulating testosterone is converted to estradiol, a form of estrogen. As men age, they often make less testosterone, and so they produce less estradiol as well. Thus, changes often attributed to testosterone deficiency might be partly or entirely due to the accompanying decline in estradiol.”

Weight loss and testosterone levels

After the age of 30, testosterone begins to decline and the side effects of this ageing process begin to show.  Everyone is different and the side effects vary significantly but may include things like infertility, sleep apnea, sexual dysfunction, impotence, low self-confidence, loss of muscle mass and other physical changes.  Fortunately, there are ways to treat the symptoms of low testosterone.  With the help of a qualified and experienced doctor, patients can receive comprehensive hormone replacement (testosterone replacement therapy).Husband unhappy and disappointed

At Elite Testosterone Replacement, that includes body composition monitoring, progress analysis, body fat percentage tracking, muscle mass tracking, and more.  We do this because we are committed to providing tangible results for patients.  Testosterone replacement therapy is completely individualized based on a patient’s needs and goals which means that all medication dosages are carefully adjusted as need.  And, testosterone replacement therapy is easy and convenient because the medication can be administered at home.

While aging may produce many unappealing side effects, testosterone replacement therapy can treat and reverse those side effects.  Patients often report an increase in confidence because the look and feel better.  Testosterone replacement therapy can decrease anger, sadness, fatigue, nervousness as well as loss of muscle mass and bone density.  Further, many patients experience a reverse of sexual dysfunction which includes an increased sex drive, improved sexual performance, and more.  Finally,age adjusted testosterone levels often enhances energy and boosts weight loss to improve a patient’s health as they age.  To learn more about the advantages of testosterone replacement therapy, contact Elite Testosterone Replacement.

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