What Causes a Buried Penis?

Waking up one morning and realizing that your penis looks shorter than it usually does is one thing men don’t want to experience. However, even though it might look and sound like something out of a nightmare, this can happen. Yes, we are talking about the buried penis syndrome or you might know it in a more vulgar form, fat man’s dick.

What Is a Buried Penis

Actually, it’s a real medical condition, also called “hidden penis.” More properly defined, a hidden penis is a condition when the penis doesn’t extend outside the body. Where the penis would normally hang, you only have an opening and you can see the head plush with skin, but you can’t really pinpoint the shaft. Luckily, this is something that won’t happen overnight and it’s worth getting concerned about if you see your own penis losing size every day. 

What Are the Causes of a Buried Penis? 

There’s a couple of situations where a buried penis can occur. The first one is a pediatric issue when there was too much skin removed during the circumcision and the skin that’s left forms scar tissues that become tight pulling the skin forward. This can also happen with adult men who decide to get circumcised. This situation can be remedied with surgery and consists of the doctors removing the scar tissue and fixing the damage. 

The other thing that might lead to a buried penis is obesity, this is more prominent among men who suffer from the condition.

In some cases, so much excess body fat accumulates around the groin area that it engulfs the penis and the shaft becomes buried under the skin and fat.

What Are the Effects of a Buried Penis?

Obviously, there’s a huge psychological impact, but there can be other issues that may arise with the condition. 

For starters, a buried penis makes having penetrative sex difficult or nearly impossible. Men with the condition have to pee sitting down since otherwise, they’d urinate all over themselves. Also, hygiene can become a serious issue and can lead to developing penile cancer can also be a threat due to chronic inflammation. Cancer, in particular, becomes a greater threat with a buried penis because of the frequent low-grade infection as a result of constant hygiene issues.

What Are the Effects of a Buried Penis

What Are the Treatment Options for a Buried Penis?  

Luckily, the treatment is pretty straightforward in most cases, which means losing weight. Getting back to relatively normal body weight can often fix the problem, especially when the patient is determined to make some significant lifestyle changes afterward.

However, surgery is inevitable when the patient is unable to lose weight. In these cases, surgeons remove tissue around the troubled area by liposuction and remove excess skin. Sometimes the doctors remove the fat and skin, they fix the penis to the fascia at the right location to keep it in its proper place. Excess skin after weight loss can also cause problems, and when it does, doctors usually remove that too. 

In most cases, obesity is behind a buried penis and is treatable with lifestyle changes. A hidden penis can cause many serious health issues and can wreak havoc on a man’s mental well-being and self-esteem. This is often best for men who suffer from the condition to consider making a few changes in their lives in order to get their manhood fully functioning again. 

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