Use Testosterone for Stubborn Weight Loss

Many people have stubborn body fat that they can’t get rid of. Sometimes it feels like no amount of diet and exercise will fix it. If this is your case, it’s likely not the poor lifestyle habits. It may be your hormone levels.  Low levels of testosterone can cause weight gain, not to mention fatigue that can make it difficult to work out. Here is how testosterone can be used to your advantage when it comes to weight loss.

Testosterone replacement weight loss guide


The first step to weight loss is the right diet. If you are not eating properly then the boost of testosterone may not help you. It’s important that everything stays in balance in your life; hormones and diet alike. You should be eating a healthy diet personalized to your lifestyle and tastes. If you’re low on testosterone, you may also want to consider cruciferous vegetables, pomegranates, garlic, eggs and honey for an increase in testosterone levels.


It can be hard to lose body fat if you aren’t active. Having your hormones balanced will help, but you do have to do some of the work. Your body needs to be active. One of the great benefits of having appropriate amounts of testosterone is that you won’t be fatigued so often. You should have the energy to get up and exercise again. You can whip your body back into the shape of your life. Stubborn body fat can turn to muscle gain.Shirtless bodybuilder doing exercises


Low testosterone can cause you to gain and hang onto body fat. No amount of diet or exercise will change this. Both men and women can suffer extra body fat due to low testosterone levels. Fortunately, this can be solved with weight loss testosterone supplements. Testosterone is responsible for lean muscle mass and even bone mass.

You can lose both of these and end up with stubborn, hard to lose fat. Often this stubborn fat will congregate around the stomach and breast tissue. Men and women who up their testosterone intake have been shown to lose fat faster and more effectively when they were initially low to begin with. Keep in mind that as we age, men and women lose their testosterone levels.

It’s important for you to have a body that not only feels good but also looks good. You should have confidence when you wake up in the morning and when you see yourself in the mirror. No hormone imbalance should make you feel poorly about yourself. When you boost your testosterone levels, you can achieve the body that you want.

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