Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Transgender in Scottsdale, Arizona

Many people transitioning into a full transgender role do not realize the transformation can take time. That’s because taking on a transgender role is more than just a physical identification with a masculine or feminine role. It means completely taking on vocal adaptations, along with mental and emotional changes as well.

How Does Testosterone Hormone Therapy Work?

Your muscles are responsible for many aspects of health. For instance:

Testosterone replacement therapy offers many different benefits to both men and women. Just a few have been mentioned here but talking to your doctor can help you learn more about how testosterone can work for you. While testosterone therapy works to suppress female secondary sex characteristics, men and women who desire a more masculine physique may benefit. Some of the more specific functions of testosterone therapy include transgender adjustment. In this type of testosterone therapy, hormones are used to support changes in the body to promote a more full conversion into a transgender role. This can be seen in behavior, as well as physiological characteristics.

Testosterone replacement therapy is also used in transgender men to induce virilization and to reduce the appearance of feminizing characteristics. In transgender women, exogenous estrogen (the female sex hormone) is used to help develop more pronounced feminizing qualities along with anti-androgens to suppress masculine features.

Transitioning hormone therapy is a way to adjust the chemical messages produced by endocrine glands in your body. Hormone therapies work by adjusting the amount of these vital sex hormones in the bloodstream making transgender changes easier. By altering hormone levels, testosterone is directed towards the development of other cells in the body thus affecting the appearance of the body. This is how you can achieve a more masculine or feminine appearance.

Getting to Know Your Hormones

It is important to understand each sex hormone in the body so that you realize why testosterone replacement therapy is so effective. Here are just a few of the most important hormones in the body for men and women:

  • Testosterone. Because this is the male sex hormone it is crucial to the proper functioning of many body systems in men. In women, testosterone is also needed for endocrine system balance.
  • Estrogen. This is the main female sex hormone needed to develop characteristics in the body. Without proper levels of estrogen, breast development, hip distribution, as well as arm and abdominal muscle definition would not be possible. For this reason, estrogen therapy is common for transgender conversions.
  • Anti-Androgen. As you may have guessed, this hormone is used to deliver the opposite effects of testosterone. In the body, anti-androgen lowers testosterone production and thus helps to balance sex hormones. Ideal as a hormone therapy for transgender men to women transformations.
  • Progesterone. There is very little clinical evidence to support progesterone however, it is still used in transgender hormone therapy.

Can Testosterone Hormone Therapy Help Me?