The Importance of Testosterone and Your Body

Testosterone is a naturally-occurring hormone in both sexes. In men, the testicles produce testosterone. In women, the ovaries do, but in much smaller quantities. Testosterone production increases during puberty and declines after around age 30.

Testosterone is most often thought of as a man’s sex drive hormone, but it also is vital to many other aspects of his physical, mental, and emotional health.

Physical Health

Testosterone gives a man his sex drive and his erections. It also is necessary to properly regulate his production of insulin and glucose, as well as his fat metabolism. In addition, it increases and maintains his muscle mass and strength, may strengthen his heart and help prevent heart disease and cardiovascular disease, and keeps his bones healthy, strong, and dense.

As a man ages, sufficient testosterone levels are vital to maintaining his cognitive ability and may decrease his chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.Smiling male runner

Mental and Emotional Health

In the animal kingdom, all male animals require testosterone to woo a mate. In human males, it gives a man the necessary self-esteem to generate the self-assuredness, self-confidence, and ability to attract a female’s attention, lead the conversation, and achieve success when they “click.” Without these important preliminary attributes, he cannot attain his ultimate goal and objective.

While it’s still a chicken-or-egg debate among health professionals as to which causes which, there’s no doubt that a man’s testosterone level is closely tied to feelings of depression. Researchers have found that most men suffering from depression also have low testosterone levels. Most such men report that their mood improves once they begin testosterone replacement therapy.

Men traditionally are highly competitive, with the desire to win. This takes testosterone. Its levels rise before any kind of a “fight,” whether in a sports competition or the business world, increasing his red cell production, improving his visual acuity, and increasing both his desire to win and his endurance, as well as his feelings of indomitability. Studies have shown that if a man loses a competition, his testosterone level accurately predicts whether or not he will try again and how soon he will do so.

Does testosterone make you look younger?

Testosterone increases a man’s desire for dominance and power. This can be a bad thing if it leads to antisocial behavior, but also is what motivates men to gain and maintain social status, climb the corporate ladder, overcome hurdles, and summon the requisite courage to buck authority when necessary.

Finally, testosterone has been linked to a man’s tolerance for risk-taking. This is crucial not only in dangerous activities like race car driving or bungee jumping but also in his personal and business life. A man requires best testosterone therapy to take the necessary risks to seek, achieve, and maintain personal, financial, and business power, status, and success.

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