Difference Between Injection and Topical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone deficiency is more common than many realize and its symptoms can be incredibly frustrating for the men that experience them. Symptoms include weight gain, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, sexual dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, osteoporosis, changes in cholesterol levels, decrease in hemoglobin, fatigue, mood problems, increased irritability, and more.

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men may not bring up declining testosterone and its side effects in their everyday conversations with friends but it is more common than many people think. Many men are impacted by testosterone deficiency as they age but fortunately they can receive testosterone replacement therapy from a qualified and experienced doctor.

Could Testosterone Help You Be More Like Your Younger Self?

You probably already know that testosterone is the hormone most closely linked to masculinity and sexual function. It triggers the onset of puberty and plays a role in the enjoyment of a healthy and vigorous sex life. However, you may not be aware of the other benefits that testosterone provides or of the symptoms that occur when you don’t receive enough this life-enhancing chemical.