Lose Weight and Gain Muscle With Testosterone Therapy

If you’re a guy who has gained more than a little love layer in the last few years, and can’t seem to shake it, you may be wondering why. Some men in this predicament seek medical counsel, and are tested for low levels of the male hormone testosterone. If the patient is found to be deficient, testosterone therapy may be prescribed. Sounds simple enough, right? Sure, but before you dive right in to therapy, you may want to know a bit about how it works.

Does testosterone help lose weight?

Weight Loss

Losing weight is rarely easy. The pounds seem to have a way of sneaking on, and stubbornly staying put in spite of your best efforts to lose them. Committing to a healthy diet that is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and lacking in junk food is an important first step. So is exercise. By eating right and hitting the gym regularly, you should expect to lose at least a little bit of weight. However, for men who are being treated with testosterone therapy, the results can be much greater, for the simple reason that having adequate levels of testosterone makes it harder for the body to store fat. How awesome is that?man in wide trousers losing weight

Muscle Gain

Losing weight is great, but becoming a skinny little bean pole isn’t very appealing. Ideally, when men want to lose fat, they also want to gain muscle. Eating tons of protein and working out hard every day is one way to do this, but if you suffer from low levels of the male hormone you will still have a tough time gaining muscle. By using testosterone therapy, your body can produce a greater quantity of and larger-sized muscle cells. This results in visibly larger muscles that show whether you’re dressed or not. For men who suffer from poor body image, having an abundance of lean muscles can make all the difference.

Most men want a strong, healthy, masculine body for their own sake as well as to please their mate. For guys who struggle with too much fat and not enough muscle, a little bit of medical intervention can be extremely helpful. Men of any age, even the 20-something crowd, are at risk for low levels of testosterone. By seeking medical counsel, they may find that testosterone therapy is just what they need to help them achieve the healthy body they’ve always wanted.

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