Links Between Low Sex Drive and Low Testosterone

Testosterone is predominantly a hormone in men. This hormone initially gets released during puberty, which is why during that time men grow hair all over their bodies, start developing deeper voices and start feeling a sex drive. While every man is different and experiences hormone fluctuations differently, most men will start noticing low testosterone levels once they enter their 30s. During this time, men start losing their sex drive testosterone and may even develop erectile dysfunction, and if that happens to you, it can be advantageous to speak with your physician.

What Causes Lower Testosterone Levels?

While all men can expect to lose some testosterone as they get older, this loss is going to be more pronounced in some men than others. Sometimes there is no discernible explanation for why a man’s sex drive has declined. Certain conditions can cause men to lose more testosterone than normal, including:

  • Being obese or overweight
  • Having chronic kidney or liver disease
  • Injuring the testicles
  • Experiencing hormonal disorders
  • Taking certain medications
  • Having a genetic condition


Being chronically stressed out or depressed can also lead to men having a reduced sex drive. When you see your doctor, he or she will conduct various tests to see if there is an underlying condition resulting in lower than normal testosterone levels.Low testosterone level-img

Relation to Erectile Dysfunction

Many men mistakenly believe that low testosterone is to blame for erectile dysfunction. However, the true culprit tends to be a condition known as atherosclerosis. This is when arteries harden and blood vessels are incapable of properly dilating. When this occurs to blood vessels in the penis, it is unable to maintain an erection. Certain conditions increase a person’s likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Discussing Low Testosterone With Your Partner

Your body is going to change as you get older. It is completely natural, and you should be prepared to talk to your partner about any changes you are going through in terms of reduced levels of testosterone and reduced sex drive. If you and your partner are not engaging in sexual intercourse as often as before, it can be helpful to address this issue directly rather than avoiding a conversation altogether. Some people do not like having discussions about sex, but it is crucial in a healthy relationship to be open and honest. Let your partner know that you think you have low testosterone.

Testosterone and sex drive

By being open, the two of you can schedule a time for you to see a doctor to discuss your options. While low testosterone is not the sole factor in a man’s sex drive, it does play a role, and testosterone replacement therapies are available to assist you if that is a route you would like to take. In addition to assisting your sex drive, you might also find that therapy can help you have more energy in general and have increased muscle mass.

Do not feel ashamed if you have low testosterone. Every man goes through it at some point. Look into your options so that you and your partner can both be happy.

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