Is Testosterone Replacement Right for You?

Men who are suffering from depression, have low sex drive, low muscle mass and an abnormal percentage of fat might have low testosterone levels. While testosterone replacement can help with these symptoms and give men a better quality of life, not every man will benefit from the therapy treatment. Learn more about what makes for a good candidate to determine whether it’s a good option.

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy

It’s essential that men are first tested by a medical professional to determine for sure they have a low percentage of testosterone, otherwise replacement therapy might not be enough to address the symptoms mentioned above. Besides a low sperm count, there are a number of other health issues that could be contributing to decreased sex function, compromised outlook on life and a low amount of muscle mass.

You Have Access to a Reputable Healthcare Provider

Men who are considering testosterone replacement should also make sure they receive treatment from a professional, trusted and experienced physician. The doctor administering the treatment should know the proper technique for measuring sperm count before starting the therapy. Men who are feel replacement therapy is a good option for them should be sure they research the physicians in their area and their experience with this area of medicine.TESTOSTERONE Concept on Interface Touch Screen

You Can Commit to Regular Lab Work

In order to make sure the treatment is working, doctors have to perform regular lab work, which is also used to see if the patient is suffering from unwanted side effects. Men who live a busy lifestyle might not be able to make such a commitment. Something else to think about with testosterone replacement is patients should be sure they choose a physician who has the time to perform the proper lab work and follow the correct procedure in order to ensure the best results.

You Are Physically Healthy

While men who either have prostate cancer or are at high risk of getting prostate cancer can still consider replacing their testosterone, they should do so with caution and manage their expectations. Men with heart disease or stand a strong chance of being diagnosed with heart disease should be carefully screened before considering replacement treatment, and the same is true of men who have suffered strokes or heart attacks in the past.

While testosterone therapy gel can be an effective way for men to improve their mental and physical health, it’s essential that they work with a medical professional to make sure they are proper candidates.

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