Increase Your Confidence by Increasing Your Testosterone

Low Testosterone?  It Might Be Impacting Your Self-Confidence!

Men are expected to be confident about themselves and their capabilities in any circumstance.  And, while that is an unrealistic expectation, many men suffer from a serious lack of confidence as a result of having low testosterone.  Men who have low testosterone may experience weight gain, depression, reduced sex drive, reduced muscle mass, fewer erections, infertility, hair loss, fatigue and more.

All of those symptoms are bad enough on their own but they frequently diminish a man’s confidence significantly as well.  Low testosterone often leaves men with a degraded sense of your overall well-being and that lack of self-confidence is not just frustrating but can decrease quality of life.  Fortunately, testosterone treatment can improve or eliminate many of those symptoms and actually increase a man’s confidence.

Increase Your Confidence by Increasing Your Testosterone

With the use of testosterone replacement therapy, many men find that they feel far better, experience a myriad of positive effects, and ultimately increase your self-confidence.  Everyday Health elaborates on how testosterone replacement therapy can increase self-confidence, “Today, effective treatments can normalize a man’s testosterone levels. Doctors say those treatments — mainly hormone gels, patches, and shots — may be effective in returning confidence to a person with low testosterone. ‘A lot of my patients say they didn’t realize how down they were,’ Dr. Bar-Chama said. ‘They say, ‘I was like a light bulb that was only half-lit,’ and they aren’t aware of that until normalization of testosterone occurs.’Image of confident businessman

Teenagers will experience average levels in the 700s to 800s, but as men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline. Seniors normally have testosterone levels in the 300s, Dr. Shaw said. Testosterone replacement therapy usually is performed using a topical gel or patch. The testosterone secretes into the body through the skin. Doctors also may use testosterone injections or implant a time-released hormone pellet under the skin of the buttock…Men may find themselves feeling more energetic and more sexually responsive. And, as a result, their confidence and self-esteem can also receive a boost.

“It’s clear it changes as they feel more connected and more relaxed with themselves,” said Dagmar O’Connor, PhD, a New York-based sex therapist. “Their sex drive goes up. They feel more alive.”  If you are experiencing the common symptoms of decreasing testosterone as you age or think you may just have low testosterone, getting tested is easy and fast.  Once it has been determined that you have low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can begin right away and soon you will be feeling like your old, confident self. Visit testosterone therapy Scottsdale for the best result.

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