How to Increase Penis Size?

The majority of men tend to worry about penis size, this is more or less a fact. While most men don’t really admit it, at one point or another, mostly every single guy has stood in front of the mirror, checking out his package inspecting its size. 

That being said, there are a lot of men who feel they can be a bit more endowed down there and some have been looking for ways and methods to increase penis size. 

Even though most gentlemen who worry about size have average sex organs, there has been a market evolving around the subject and today, men have quite a few options to choose from. Some of them seem like legitimate surgical procedures at first glance, while others might be hoaxes or quick fixes. 

So, how to grow your penis? Let’s find out. 

Getting an Implant and Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Elist from LA claims that he can increase both girth and length with silicone implants, which leads to an estimated increase of around 1.5 inches length-vise and additional 2.5 inches in girth. He has already performed around 1.300 penile implant surgeries to back up his claims.

While all this sounds amazing and promising for those who’d like to add a couple of inches, the only problem would be the cost, which is $13,000 and the high risk of infections and breaking the implant itself.  

Other surgeons can help in adding a bit of length (half an inch) by cutting a ligament, making the penis hang further a bit. This procedure can also be costly (starts around $9,000) and patients are running the risk of scar tissue, infections, vitamins for erectile dysfunction and/or painful erections. 

How to Enlarge Your Penis with Injections

Fat injections work by sucking the patient’s own fat from different areas into the penis with a syringe. This method can roughly add an inch in length and girth, however, there’s no guarantee for permanent results, meaning the penis can shrink back to its original size. Fat injections can also cause serious risks since one patient died following the procedure by suffocating from the fat which traveled to his lungs. 

Injecting platelet-rich plasma is a new method which works by blood flow stimulation to make your penis appear bigger. As of now, more research is needed to prove the efficiency of this method. 

Stretching Exercises and Extenders 

Stretching Exercises and Extenders

Jelqing has been around for centuries and it basically means sliding your hand down the shaft from the base towards the head releasing and repeating it with your index and thumb when you’re almost erect. 

Most professionals say that the exercise won’t lead to increases in size but can cause serious problems to the curvature of the penis, while some people have reported slight increases.

Extenders are devices men can wear to stretch the penis gradually to add size. There are experts who say that these devices may work while other professionals claim that the possibility of scarring and discomfort simply isn’t worth it since the estimated gains are around half an inch.   

Shaving the Pubic Hair

This can help your penis to appear longer because it’s not covered in hairs. This might not increase the actual size, but it sure is cheaper and can potentially cause less harm than other methods. Unless you’re not that handy with the razor blade… 

The question of how to enlarge a penis basically remains unresolved. Shady extenders, potentially harmful exercises and costly procedures don’t really seem efficient and safe. Your best option may be doing your research about average penis length and about what most women want in bed from a man than trying to emulate what you see in mainstream porn. 

Also, feel free to reach out to us, we might be able to be at your service.

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