How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast

Let’s face it: while men surely do appreciate cleavage, they really freak out when they see it on their own chest area.

Man boobs, also known as “moobs” are a true nightmare for most men, or at least for those who want to stay in shape and look good. Gynecomastia or its less “harmful” relative, adipomastia, are two conditions generally stigmatized by men. However, it is estimated, that around one-third of males will have to face the problem of big breasts at least once in a lifetime. 

How to get rid of man boobs?” is a question that would first come to mind for most men and they can choose between 2 options. When it’s a more complicated issue, like gynecomastia, sometimes, the best way to treat the condition is by surgery. Gynecomastia is mostly due to hormonal imbalances (decreased testosterone and higher estrogen concentration) which, however, will resolve on their own in most cases. 

When the culprit is mostly excess fat, like with adipomastia (the majority of cases) surgery isn’t really necessary. A good and clean diet, certain man boobs exercises and a good amount of willpower will help you melt the fat away and regain your confidence.

How to Get Rid of Moobs Fast at Home – Chest Fat Killing Exercises

As stated before, there’s no need for costly male breast reduction surgery. A few dumbbells, muscle-specific exercises and dedication is all that is necessary to strengthen your pecks and to get rid of that unwanted layer of fat.

The best exercises which will aid you in this process mostly focus on your back, chest and glutes, because these areas are all about muscles. By activating these groups of muscles, you elevate your metabolism, which in turn, kick start fat burning and also, boost your testosterone levels. 

So, here’s the secret to getting rid of man breasts naturally!

Grab two dumbbells (preferably around 15 to 20 pounds) and perform these exercises as supersets. Get started with exercise #1 A, do the most repetitions you can in half a minute, then take a break for  another half minute.

When you’re done with that, go with exercise #1 B, the same way. If you’ve completed this, you’ve finished round one. The goal is to complete a total of four rounds of #1 A and #1 B, then give yourself a two-minute rest and perform the same four rounds of #2 A and #2 B.

getting rid of man breasts naturally

The First Superset 

Exercise 1A – Neutral Grip Dumbbell Row while Lying (Supported)

Lie on a 45-degree incline bench with your chest facing the bench itself. With arms hanging straight down and your palms looking at each other, push the dumbbells up to the side of your pecks. In the meantime, bend your elbows and try to squeeze your shoulders. Bring up the weight, pause, then lower them.

Exercise 1B – Goblet Box Squat

Stand in front of a box that is around knee-high. Grab one end of your dumbbell with two hands and hold it facing your pecks. Stand straight, and start squatting with your hips going backward. Take a seat on the box, pause a little then with the same technique, come back up.

Second Superset

Exercise 2A – Pushups

Get into position like the way you do when you do pushups normally, but grasp the dumbbell handles instead of putting your hands on the ground. With hands apart, shoulder-width, make a straight line with your body, lower your elbows and upper torso until your breasts almost touch the ground. Pause for a sec, get back up but only halfway, and go down again. Repeat from the start.

Exercise 2B – Dumbbell Skier Swings 

Hold your dumbbells by your sides with your arms wide as you stand, and place your feet somewhere around at the width of your hips with your knees bent a bit. 

Now, swing your arms with the dumbbells backward and at the same time, bend at the hips. After this, push your hips forward energetically and get back into standing position. At the same time, while taking advantage of the momentum, allow the dumbbells to swing up to the height of your chest, but don’t try to help in lifting the weights up. Swing the weights this way until the end of the set. 

Getting rid of moobs is fairly easy when you know how to approach the problem. A good exercise regime and a proper diet are all that you need to achieve your goals. However, if your problems are hormone-related, maybe Elite Testosterone can help you resolve your issues and get your confidence back. If that’s what you’re looking for, just give us a call. 


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