How Long Does It Take for a Male Enhancement Pill to Kick In?

Whenever someone is prescribed male enhancement pills or chooses to purchase them over the counter, there are a few questions that almost instantly arise. For instance, some may wonder how long does it take for Cialis to peak or how long for Sildenafil to take effect. Are there any concerns? Are these drugs safe? 

These are all valid, relevant questions that should be answered to ease the users’ conscience. That’s why we at Elite Testosterone will answer all these questions for everybody who has any concerns regarding them. 

Male Enhancement Pills

Sildenafil (known most commonly as Viagra) is used in the treatment of specific heart conditions and it has served for helping men achieve and maintain an erection who have been diagnosed with ED (erectile dysfunction).

As a general rule of thumb, Viagra starts working after a half an hour, but there are a lot of things that may affect the time it takes to start working in your body, and also, these same factors will determine how long sildenafil (or Viagra) will last. 

The medications you are currently taking, diet, general health, and other underlying conditions will all have an effect on the drug.

How long does male enhancement pills take to work ?

Viagra is a fairly simple drug that relaxes the walls of the blood vessels allowing for easier blood flow. This is a determining factor in achieving an erection. 

When you have ED, communication between the nerves and the brain isn’t successful enough to allow proper blood flow to the penis so achieving and maintaining an erection might be difficult.

As mentioned above, Viagra will roughly take half an hour to take effect, however, you need to feel aroused for it to work. Being in a relaxed state is very important since it can get the drug to show its effects even sooner. Also, if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, Viagra might not work properly. 

You might even wonder does Viagra make you last longer? The short answer is: no. It’s not a drug to numb your nerves, it only lets the blood flow to your penis more efficiently. It also won’t help you to have sex repeatedly without taking small breaks. Your body needs to recuperate, just as without ED. 

Generally, the effects of the drug can last up to two or three hours. With a bigger dosage, it can last longer, however, factors such as metabolism will affect this.

does Viagra make you last longer

Should You Be Concerned?

There isn’t much to be concerned about, however, if it doesn’t seem to be working, don’t take more than prescribed. It’s better to try foreplay or masturbation to help to get an erection.

Taking more than you need may cause you to have a painful erection (which may last up to 4 hours), also known as priapism. This can cause potential damage to the penis because the blood in it isn’t getting any oxygen. If this happens, the next step should be getting emergency help as soon as possible. 

Viagra is a useful medication which can help men have a fulfilling sex life even after having been diagnosed with ED. However, before opting for Viagra, talking to a doctor is mandatory. Complications may also arise if Viagra is taken together with certain heart medications. 

If you happen to be one of those people who for some reason, can’t take Viagra, you might want to look into other treatment options, such as penile implants and pumps.

Sometimes, even exercise and therapy can help.

If you are interested in other ways to reclaim your masculinity, reach out to us, Elite Testosterone might be able to help you too.



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