How Can Testosterone Help You Lose Weight?

For some men, losing weight and maintaining the loss can become challenging. In certain cases, this challenge could be linked with low levels of the hormone known as testosterone. This particular hormone is associated with the ability to build muscle, burn fat and maintain a high-energy level, all of which plays an important role in weight loss. The hormone is naturally produced in both men and women, but it is essential for good health in men. If you want to shed some fat, you need to know how nutrition, fitness and supplements work together throughout this endeavor.


Eating well can aid in any weight loss goals. However, perhaps more important than eating well, you need to reduce the number of calories you are taking in. Your caloric intake should be less than the energy you are burning in any given day. This deficit is what makes shedding the pounds really possible. For a man with low testosterone, however, even reducing calories consumed might not be enough to see any noticeable change in weight.


Another important part of losing fat is working out. Expending energy and building muscle helps shape the body. As men get older, they may need to spend more and more time at the gym. This is typically because of the aforementioned lower hormone levels. As these levels start to reach healthy rates, the need to increase your time spent at the gym might reduce. However, even when taking a testosterone supplement, you should try to focus on nutrition and fitness to see the best results.Fitnes man hanging on wall bars


Because men with low testosterone might struggle to lose weight even when eating well and working out often, for some people it is the supplement that is most important. A major obstacle of gaining muscle definition is a loss of energy. With less energy, older men could find it harder to get motivated to go to the gym and partake in healthy activities. Once supplementation begins, however, positive effects may be seen:

When these benefits are combined with higher energy levels and the ability to create lean muscles, it is no surprise these hormone supplements may play a big part in a man’s weight loss. The supplements themselves should be used to return your hormone levels to their healthiest state. Once this happens, you may find it is easier to lose weight by simply cutting back on calories, but you could also have the energy needed to go to the gym on a regular basis.


As people age, weight loss often becomes a harder thing to grasp. However, by incorporating a healthy diet, exercise and hormone supplements into your life, you may be able to better achieve your fat-shedding goals. Simply increasing testosterone may not be enough to return your muscle definition to what it was in your youth. You need to make bigger changes if you want to see results that are lifelong. That is why it is vital for you to not only take the supplements, but also reduce the number of calories you eat while continuing an appropriate fitness regimen.

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