Guys Can Get Lean With Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone replacement is an exciting way for guys who have low levels of this essential hormone to experience a boost in their energy level and libido. In addition, the male hormone can help build muscle mass, maintain a healthy metabolic system, stave off insulin resistance and more. For men of all ages, but especially those over the age of 40, hormone replacement therapy can be the way to go.

Does testosterone increase energy?

Many men who carry around a few extra pounds and suffer from low energy can benefit from testosterone replacement. Studies have been conducted that show a definite link between weight loss and the male hormone, but doctors have yet to decide if the therapy is directly responsible for weight loss or if it is the result of patients having more energy and drive. In any case, a large number of the participants dropped more than 30 pounds over the course of the five-year study.

Sadly, being obese and having low testosterone can create a perfectly vicious cycle, because one can cause the other. Being obese can cause a man’s body to not produce enough testosterone, and having too little of the hormone can cause a man to store more fat. Eventually, the cycle becomes very difficult to break out of without medical help. Doctors can run simple tests to diagnose low hormone levels and get patients on the road to wellness.

One especially exciting aspect of using testosterone replacement for weight loss is the potential for building muscle. Most guys who want to get lean also desire some fabulous muscles to show off. After all, going from pudgy to skinny really isn’t very appealing. Flashing some stunning biceps and abs is. With hormone therapy, a man’s chances of bulking up are significantly greater than if he tries to get lean and mean on his own.Before and after workout

Energy Boost

In addition to looking great, replacing the essential male hormone can help guys feel great, too. Energy levels can go up, sex drive can get in gear, and every glance in the mirror can help him feel more confident and manly. With the increased confidence that results, many guys find that their relationships as well as their careers are improved.

With testosterone replacement, men who suffer from low levels of the hormone can begin to experience life to the fullest again. Weight loss and increased energy levels can help a man regain his health, meet fitness goals, and reclaim his sense of masculinity.

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