Get Your Spring Back With Testosterone Replacement

Have you been feeling run down, and nothing you do can put the spring back in your step? Are you noticing clumps of hair in your comb, muscle loss, fat gain, and low sex drive? You may think of these things as a natural consequence of aging, but what they’re really caused by is low testosterone. And while low testosterone is part of aging, it’s a part of aging that you can not only fight, but reverse with testosterone replacement therapy.

Get Your Libido Back

Testosterone affects libido for both men and women, and when you’re feeling low it can be hard to even be interested in normal sexual activity. With testosterone replacement therapy injections, you can regain your normal sexual vigor and restore your sex life. If your partner’s said the spark has gone out of your relationship, with testosterone therapy you can re-ignite that fire and once more share the passion of a normal sex drive.

Build Muscle Mass

Being fit and toned can motivate your sex drive, as well. The more healthy you are, the sexier you feel. Testosterone replacement therapy offers options for bulking up or building lean muscle mass, allowing you to shed fat and regain muscle weight and tone.

When you’ve got a body worth flaunting, you’ll find yourself regaining interest in sexual activity and partner intimacy. It’s all about the confidence, and giving yourself a fresh boost to feel young again.Man training with weight in studio

A Remedy for Illness

Age isn’t the only cause for low testosterone and testosterone-related issues. Certain illnesses can affect hormone production and balance. If you’re facing medically related testosterone loss, consult with your doctor over whether or not testosterone replacement is right for you. We can also provide the insight of Dr. Suescun, a trained physician whose testosterone replacement therapy has garnered significant acclaim.

Testosterone replacement therapy side effects

We offer a flat fee package of $299 per month. For $299 a month, you get personalized service with on-call access to your physician; the fee covers all consultations, treatments, follow-ups, and support — including your personalized testosterone replacement plan tailored for your needs and body type. We’ll work with your insurance services provider on coverage for labs. No insurance? Talk with us for special pricing.

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