Erection Changes After 50

If you give any credit to junk mail and bad erectile dysfunction ads, you’re probably convinced that every man over 50 is suffering from ED. By watching these ads, it seems like the average age men become impotent goes lower every year along with the average age of men taking Viagra. 

It’s pretty much like a nightmare but the only problem is you being awake. Luckily, junk mail and most ED ads are just that: junk and garbage. If you’d like to know the real facts behind the connection between Erectile Dysfunction and age, Elite Testosterone has all your answers in the following article. 

About Erectile Dysfunction

According to professionals, erectile dysfunction is not being able to achieve or/and maintain an erection necessary to perform sexually. 

At what age does a man stop getting hard? This question is a bit hard to answer, but it’s safe to say that the older men get, the bigger the chances are of them developing ED. However, it’s not a rule of thumb. Different lifestyle choices and other factors also play a crucial role.

What’s true is that erections do tend to change after 50. At first, it’s harder to get it up solely from fantasizing, meaning, the penis needs direct stimulation to become hard. Erections also tend to be less firm and can dissipate faster. So, you can see that 50 is by all means not an average age for ED, rather a shift in the entire process. The problem is, it’s alarming enough for some men to jump to the conclusion that it must be ED. It’s not erectile dysfunction – it’s a normal change that comes with aging. 

Erectile dysfunction injections

There are a lot of causes and factors which may lead to erectile dysfunction. To simplify the entire process, a successful erection depends on adequate blood flow through the penis and anything that blocks or impairs this process significantly increases the risk of ED. 

So, why do men lose erections? Things like alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity, a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle may all play a role in developing injections for erectile dysfunction. While avoiding these risks won’t prevent the changes men experience in their erections after 50, they can help prevent ED. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Erections After 50

Post-50 erections are normal and pretty much inevitable. There are some factors which can change or even reverse them temporarily. Getting in shape, falling in love and other similar things might help to get hard faster and for longer. 

Men can also use drugs to combat these changes. Cialis and Viagra are known to help in about two-thirds of men. The problem with these drugs is that over time, larger doses may be needed and with increased dosages come harsher side effects, most notably nasal congestion and headaches. 

The other problem is that these substances don’t increase arousal which can leave men feeling disinterested. This all may seem alarming, however, studies have shown that if men combine these drugs with sex therapy, they can have more satisfying relations with their partners. 

Most professionals advise that men should encourage these changes and start experimenting with new lovemaking methods. In some cases, a slower arousal for men might even come in handy, since it can help in lasting longer. On the other hand, including more oral sex, sex toys and erotic massages can also prove to be satisfactory. It’s all about adapting to change.

However, if you want to seek other alternatives, reach out to us. We might be able to help.