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Covid 19 Notice

We at Elite Testosterone hope to find you well today, as we stated in our previous e-mail we sent out last week – our office hours will be shortened at this time until further notice. Effective immediately:


Monday thru Thursday – 8:00am to 1:00pm.
Friday – 8:00am to 12:00pm.


Patients that would be coming in for bloodwork appointments need to arrange to be here between the hours of 8:00am to 11:00am due to limited FEDEX pick up hours. Please be fasting for the minimum 6 hours (black coffee is fine/plenty of water in system), no testosterone shot day of bloodwork (not within at least 72 hours).


As for scheduled follow up/consultation appointments we will be doing all appointments via phone calls/telemedicine. Therefore, please note that if you are already scheduled for a follow up or consultation appointment, please do not come into the office for your appointment – you will receive a phone call/telemedicine call from the doctor in order to discuss lab results and any questions or concerns you may have.


If you are in need of a medication re-fill, please either call or text us ahead of time for your in office pick up to be as quick as possible and to eliminate time spent in the office. If you would like us to ship your medication to your home, we certainly can do that for you. Ground (local in AZ) shipments need a 24 hour notice prior to being able to be shipped out and we do not ship out on Friday’s. Please be advised that shipping cost will be patient responsibility.


Our patients who chose to come and get their injections done in office, please note the UPDATED HOURS that we are open and adjust schedule accordingly. We will still continue to provide this service for the convenience of our patients. EARLIER THE BETTER

Any additional questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us via email, text or phone during office hours – we will happy to address any questions you may have.

E-mail: info@elitetraz.com
Text: 480-298-1112
Office: 480-626-1314

Dr. Carlos Suescun, MD

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