Can Women Benefit From Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

When you first hear of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you probably do not think of treating women. Generally speaking, testosterone replacement therapy has been largely used to treat men with low testosterone. But, trt Scottsdale is actually a great treatment for many women! Men and women both produce testosterone and when a woman is optimally healthy, there is a delicate yet balanced ratio of estrogen and testosterone.

Just like men, women can experience many beneficial effects from testosterone replacement therapy. These benefits may include an increased sexual libido, improved cardiovascular health, an increase in bone density/ability to combat osteoporosis, improvement in overall muscle tone, and more. Harvard Health Publishing elaborates on the advantages of testosterone replacement therapy treatment in women, “”I know many women use it, and there are some preliminary data that show that it improves libido,” says Dr. Alan Malabanan, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Can Women Benefit From Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Studies of postmenopausal women have found that taking testosterone (often in addition to the hormone therapy women are already taking to treat menopause symptoms) slightly increases sexual desire and pleasure compared with a placebo (inactive treatment)…Although no testosterone product is FDA-approved for women, some women turn to compounding pharmacies to create original formulations of testosterone creams or gels, Dr. Shifren says.”

While more studies are needed for comprehensive and decisive answers regarding testosterone replacement therapy for women, many women do not need a clinical study to confirm what they know – TRT is helping them. If you think you may be suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone or hormonal changes due to health or aging, it is important to consult your physician and have your hormone levels checked. A unique combination of therapies such as estrogen and testosterone replacement, or just trt libido may be beneficial at restoring hormonal balance and improving your overall health!

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