5 Key Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Maintaining optimal health and virility should be a priority for all men. If you are strong and healthy, then your life satisfaction is greater and your body is stronger. Many men can develop low levels of testosterone at no fault of their own. Fortunately, there are professionals in the field that can identify and treat this issue with testosterone replacement, enhancing sex drive, energy, and much more. Here are five symptoms of low testosterone:

Signs your testosterone is low

1. Low Energy

Fatigue is a well-known symptom of low T. If you seem to often have low energy, your levels may not be where they should be.  A big clue is that even when you get plenty of sleep, your body doesn’t have the energy that it should have to feel good and perform the physical exercise that you need.

2. Decreased Sex Drive

If you have had any issues with a lowering of your sex drive or erectile dysfunction, you may need testosterone replacement. When these levels are off, it can have a significant effect on both the quality and quantity of sexual activity. With appropriate levels, a man has the ability to have a much more satisfying sex life.

3. Weight Gain

Without the appropriate energy levels, you may have issues with weight gain because you do not get enough physical exercise. In particular, many men can get an increase in belly fat due to low testosterone. With the addition of enough of the important hormone, you will have more energy to get the exercise you need for better health and physical condition.man's hand holding his big belly

4. Reduced Confidence

When your body does not have what it needs, it can affect how you feel. You may experience anxiety, frustration, and even an increase in anger. All of this could potentially be an indicator of low T. If you see a physician who specializes in testosterone replacement, you can address any issues you may have with confidence and take the steps to an overall better quality of life.

5. Lower Muscle Mass

Correlated with weight gain, and sometimes age, men can get an imbalance in their muscle mass to fatty tissue in their body. If the level of hormones is off in your body, you will not have the energy you need to continue to maintain or build the total amount of muscle mass in your body that you should have. Getting testosterone replacement is an effective solution for many men to deal with issues relating to muscle mass. Consult with an experienced physician to assist with this, and these other common issues, to not only look good, but to feel good too.

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