5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

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Can a breakfast pastry lower your testosterone levels? You’d be surprised to learn it can. Some testosterone killing foods are well-known, like alcohol; other’s not so much. Popcorn, for example, is one of the lesser-known testosterone killers, but that doesn’t make it less serious.

Even though sugars and processed bread are traditionally eliminated in most health-conscious diets, for obvious reasons, what is surprising is their effects on testosterone levels.

Read on to find out more about five foods that kill testosterone:

1. Heavy Drinking Kills Testosterone

Studies show increased alcohol consumption lowers testosterone, meaning not only alcohol abuse can cause serious health problems, but it can also create sexual performance issues. Chronic alcohol use affects the body’s ability to produce testosterone because alcohol affects the endocrine system responsible for the production of this hormone.

Testosterone hormones have been used to help men increase muscle mass and are also used as a treatment in male patients with cirrhosis. Liver functions are checked and monitored before doctors prescribe testosterone therapy due to the fact testosterone can cause elevated liver function. Endocrinologists monitor male patients liver functions when they are prescribing testosterone therapy due to its potential negative impacts.Heavy Drinking Kills Testosterone

2. Sugar Kills Your Sex Drive

Most people understand the dangers of sugar, however, many don’t realize that drinking diet soda can be as damaging as drinking the regular one. Artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, can interfere with serotonin, which can lower sex drive and decrease testosterone levels. Serotonin is a hormone that creates the feeling we know as happiness and can affect many aspects of one’s life.

3. Whole Grains are the Best Options

Processed carbohydrates, such as the traditional breakfast danish or processed white bread, can have a drastic effect on many vital functions, including testosterone levels. The processing of foods in the bread category removes nutrients; it eliminates minerals like zinc that are essential for overall health and the male reproductive system.

Men having problems with low testosterone levels should avoid bleached and processed bread and opt for whole grain bread. Whole grains are considered the best choice because it is not processed and stripped of its healthy contents.

4. How Meats & Dairy Affects Your Testosterone Levels – ask testosterone doctor

A low-carb diet that includes many traditional types of meat and chicken can lower testosterone as well, due to the hormones and antibiotics that are given to the animals during their lifetime. Deli meats can contain added preservatives, hormones, and antibodies that can lower testosterone levels.

During the production process, a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used to wrap meats and cheeses found at deli counters. The PVC can create food pollution when the material leaches into the fatty foods and can cause hormonal fluctuations. To prevent this type of food pollution, experts suggest purchasing meat directly from a butcher and requesting it to be wrapped in brown butcher’s paper.

Because the cow’s of the United States are regularly dosed with synthetic hormones, cheese is another food that can lower testosterone levels. Milk-producing cows are given hormones and antibiotics regularly, meaning that the overall category (dairy) can be put together with meats as foods to avoid for men having problems with low testosterone.

5. Popcorn – the Unexpected Testosterone Killer

The United States banned the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a grease-resistant chemical used to line microwave popcorn bags. Though the U.S. banned PFOA in 2016, it may still be found on imported products. Theater popcorn may also have PFO chemicals, think about it the next time you go to the movies. Choosing to make old fashion popcorn at home is the best option for testosterone conscious men!

Important Aspects of Testosterone

Testosterone is a vital part of male health and there are many aspects of overall health that are affected by testosterone. The comprehensive hormone replacement program offered by Elite Testosterone improves muscle mass, body fat, and uses tangible tracking that allows you to see your progress. With weekly visits and individualized programs, the professionals at Scottsdale testosterone will help you improve your sex life with diet, exercise, and hormone replacement options. Reach out to our team, today.


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