4 Reasons You Need to Start Testosterone Replacement

You may have heard of testosterone replacement therapy and thought, “That is great but I don’t think I need it.”  And, if you have thought that, you are not the first and certainly not the last.  But, you may be very wrong.  If you are a man, and particularly a man over the age of 30-35, you could be experiencing side effects from having low testosterone and you may not even realize it!  Still not sure if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you?  Below are 4 reasons you need to start testosterone replacement.

1. You Have Low Energy

Are you getting plenty of sleep, working out, eating healthy and yet…you still have low energy.  If you find that you are lethargic, exhausted, or just have no desire to get up and go, you may be experiencing a common side effect of low testosterone.  Many patients find that once they begin best testosterone replacement, their energy dramatically increases.

2. You Have Gained Weight

Many men find that they gain weight as they age but that may actually be the result of having low testosterone.  If you have low testosterone your body will often hold onto fat and make it difficult to increase muscle mass which can result in unwanted weight gain.

Start Testosterone Replacement

3. You Have Lost Muscle Mass

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you workout at the gym, or how healthy you eat, you have either lost muscle mass or just cannot seem to increase your muscle mass?  That is a very common symptom of low testosterone.  Fortunately, many patients find that once they begin testosterone replacement, the symptoms are reversible and they can begin to transform their body.

4. Your Libido Has Decreased

A decreased libido or low sex drive may be the result of many things including age, stage of life, depression, anxiety, or other factors.  But, a low libido (as well as depression which is often linked with low libido) may be the result of low testosterone.  If you are experiencing sexual side effects such as low libido or erectile dysfunction, best testosterone replacement therapy can help and many patients find that it brings their libido (and their sex life!) back to life!

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