3 Things We Analyze to Help You Track the Results of Your Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We tend to spend a lot of time discussing how women’s hormones change and certain hormones decline as we they age but it is important to remember that men experience these changes as well.  Men experience a decline in hormones such as testosterone as they age (typically beginning around age 30) and that can bring on a lot of unwanted symptoms.  Those symptoms include things like weight gain, hair loss, depression, insomnia, memory loss, fatigue, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, loss of endurance, loss of muscle, heart disease, increase in body fat, and more.  These symptoms can range from mild to incredibly severe and are often very frustrating.

Fortunately, men have an option to treat declining testosterone – Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  At Elite Testosterone Replacement, we can help you undergo comprehensive hormone replacement therapy.  That means that we do not just give you an injection, send you on your way, and tell you to cross your fingers and hope it works.

We actually track and analyze progress to help you achieve optimal results.  Use the Valhalla Scientific Body Comp Scale we are able to more specifically and accurately analyze what is going on inside your body so that we can make adjustments and individualize your treatment for maximize results.  Below are 3 things we analyze to help you track the results of your testosterone replacement therapy.digital graphic statistic analysis

3 Things We Analyze to Help You Track the Results of Your Testosterone Replacement Therapy


With any treatment where overall health is being assessed, it is important to track a patient’s weight.  Even if you are in a healthy weight range, we want to keep track of where you started and where you are after each appointment to ensure that a healthy weight is either being maintained or achieved through testosterone replacement therapy.

Body Fat Percentage

With testosterone replacement therapy, you should see progress that includes an improvement in your body fat percentage.   The Valhalla Scientific Body Comp Scale helps us track your body fat percentage and can actually tell us exactly where the body fat is located in your body to help us better target your treatments to your specific needs.

Muscle Mass

Many men experience a decrease in muscle mass as they age, even if they continue to work out. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you enhance your muscle mass and achieve better results with workouts.  The Valhalla Scientific Body Comp Scale measures your muscle mass in a matter of seconds and quickly prints out a body composition report for you so that you can easily track tangible results. Visit testosterone replacement therapy Scottsdale for best trt treatment.

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